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 APril SEVENTH 2015 poetry npm charlax

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PostSubject: APril SEVENTH 2015 poetry npm charlax   Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:47 am

APril SEVENTH 2015 poetry npm charlax
APril SEVENTH 2015 poetry npm charlax
J Vern Nacular
in the vernacular of jules verne charlax is Earl Lee and Late Lee
eye am APPALLED at the Totalitarianism in the FOrce of the street seems to belong to the Governmeant should not be so mean to the people
to the manor born Doctor needs a better curb side manor
the Policies of the store prevent people from being allowed inside the store What is a Consumer or a Customer Alex ? perhaps a white beard is not allowed perhaps old men with time to drink coffee had better not come back inside the STORE has a parking lot you can't be seen outside can you even sit inside the cafe now NO drink up and GO do not pass the people or even wave to them or ask them for some kind of change but you cannot panhandle or do wifi or sit and watch the witches broom the cars are watched they even look inside the glass to view the contents of your ash trays now perhaps the Harry reasoning is this drug use is way up and people with beards use drugs a lot old men must carry only one purse my lipps and carry three bags one on your hip like a fagg flagg waving lunatarian with white hair in your beard he kept saying this to me to get me angry WHY ? why do you run customers away that look old and gray bearded women can stay but not the BUMS spell out the word BUM mister LAW three letters just like your last namme SAW Bum Seen and Law Saw was the answer to the Totalitarianistic establishm constantinople was not this hard on people with religion A Parent Lee they decided they are tired of bums as customers they need more then mere LEE consumerism they need actual money spendering thieves to laundry there money here there is no hope for the penniless the poor the destitute les miserable woe be unto me how long before there is no more freedoms to be taken aback
APril SEVENTH 2015 poetry npm charlax

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APril SEVENTH 2015 poetry npm charlax
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