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 Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015

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Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015 Empty
PostSubject: Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015   Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015 Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2015 2:06 pm

Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015
April 28, 2015 at 7:59am
Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015

Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015

Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015
The boy was not thrilled at this meeting was suggested in a hurry the man held his hand too tightly he wanted to catch the clown before he removed the make up the man wanted the boy to meet the clown. The clown was all unaware and stepping like Clark Kent into his tent he was erasing clown as fast as he could get to be the man. The boy was squirming now unsure of himself the man walked carefully around the desk was surrounded in the center of the tent, the clown was becoming a man swiping his pancake off in a hurry to go out. The boy would not even look up at clown he was keeping his idea of clown inside he would never be able to articulate this clownned to man. The man cleared his frog throat many more times then necessary. The clown kept ignoring them reaching out for medicine. The whiskey bottle had a big RX on like a large medicine bottle but the man could smell it so unsure of himself in front of this clownned he could not even speak. He began to understand boy better. The boy finally got the man attention and they went out of the tent once outside the man said nothing to the boy but nodded once back at the tent and off they went to home. The boy could not speak for several days and weeks finally went bye the man went back to clownned to try one final try. The Circus packing all the tents are coming down the poles of clownned needed packing and so the man began to helping. The clown surprised he said to man what gives why help me eye remember the boy was so upset but eye was drinking and in a hurry to get more before the ABC Store closes early on a Saturday understand? The man a Christian said calm and cool eye the man and Father of the boy we do forgive you. Then he went hurried back to boy to tell him of the clownned was gone. The boy said eye am better Father do not speak to me of clownned you said that we forgive him its best for me just not to remember eye will never drink the medicine like eye saw was whiskey ruling clown. The Christian man just smiled. They never ever visited the Circus even once more upon a time. The end.

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Clownned charlax npm April Tuesday 28 2015
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