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 Monday APril 27 2015 CityOnMars npm charlax

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PostSubject: Monday APril 27 2015 CityOnMars npm charlax   Monday APril 27 2015 CityOnMars npm charlax Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2015 2:05 pm

Monday APril 27 2015 CityOnMars npm charlax
April 27, 2015 at 10:28am
can we say Science Fiction boys and girlscan we say Science Fiction boys and girls

Monday APril 27 2015 CityOnMars npm charlax
Monday APril 27 2015
npm charlax

This is the first in the serious drama of life on Mars written and directed by CharlaXBradbury. There is a dome near the city it is the hydroponic gardens all the children not allowed to touch the Farkleberry Bushes they aer not growing but just hanging in the mist the roots are just absorbing nutria. But what is turning up on bushes instead of berries is them green gobbling peppers. There was three boys in the gangers. They were Billy, Hollaway, and Jimmy. The only Port Authority on Mars is the Industrial Salvage of Indigent Personnel or the ISIP. There was only four men stationed in the CityOnMars. They carried Simultaneous Air Guns or SAGs to stop insurgents like the gangers from stealing the peppers from the hydroponic gardens. They were not mean men but highly trained to obverse reactions. They were patrolling near the gardens when the boys came out of Airllock Number 16452378B. They were reeling like the drunkard with the tankard each boy had lost his face mask they were dangling down in front of them almost dragging on the ground each boy had a half eaten green gobbling pepper in his hand. They were showing signs of shortness and they was dizzy to a boy they were falling out of Airllock with no protection and them stolen peppers in plain sight. The instructor was on radio he ordered the three men of the ISIP to (put the tranquills in the Sags)r and then ordered them to (prepare to fire)r. “Repeat the order one man”, said “for these is only boys in front of us.” (They aer Finks not boys they aer from the Family of Finks on the south side of Mars)r. The men was stunned not knowing what the effects of the Sags was gonna have on them boys but they was all killer trained. And so they drawed them Sags and fired them Tranquills hit each boy they all fell down to ground and then to a boy they got back up and smiled. The instructor said (the Tranquills should have an effect on the peppers reactions)r now the FINKS boys replaced the face masks and the men holstered the Sags. They let them go after all they wanted was to eat Farkleberries from the green gobbling pepper bushes in the Hydroponic gardens of the CityOnMars.

eye had a facebook friend whom was also a writer
he endorsed this poem it was his favorite poem
he told me once on facebook this poem is GREAT
and he had read nothing like it ever

Poetical Jesus Freak lover of pookie ewe pocahontus
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Monday APril 27 2015 CityOnMars npm charlax
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