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 April 4 2015 poem 4 npm charlax ANgel

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PostSubject: April 4 2015 poem 4 npm charlax ANgel   Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:44 am

April 4 2015 poem 4 npm charlax
eye stepped into the sunlight and stood with my wings folded around me lost in thought the sun was shining down on the wicked city and eye became afraid of what they had done for an ANgel has no view of the future he cannot see the end of time the souls saved that were mistaken in the days of fiery retribution from the Lord and as eye pondered weak and weary thinking of the poets love the city lost its grandeur and all the populace was gone the mighty buildings were just rubble in my sight as eye frowned down on the city lights they had gone the way of cain whom had slain and now they city was no more the lots held toys of tots but no one came to play the children and the families were gone they had minded too much of the wrong sort of business and they had forgotten the Lord when all was quiet in the city eye calmly drew my sword but just before eye almost died the sound of wings arrived and the ANgel cried and cried for the Lord had come to sacrifice the city had been saved he stopped me from taking my own life that day for when a city dies its ANgel dies no reason to live past the time had come and the future held the souls of them who lived on in the future of mankind a mighty ANgel without sight a mighty ANgel without light a mighty ANgel ruling over city lights
April 4 2015 poem 4 npm charlax

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April 4 2015 poem 4 npm charlax ANgel
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