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 Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax

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Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax Empty
PostSubject: Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax   Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2015 7:46 am

Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax
Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax
its just another day they say and they let it slip away
a thought is electrical in nature its merely a mis fire within a clay pot
we are moving into the future at an alarming pace
my days seem longer according to the clock but the passing of the time seems to be faster and faster like a horse at a full galloping away
people change we get close to one and then she feels estranged and we find the perfect one for us but we are not the love they were thinking of
there is some rule in life we love too hard too much too far away from love we stay the day gets longer for the missing of the love but the day flares and then the night comes where is the love what can life be thinking of
a sudden gust of wind hits but cannot pull my papers off of my desk a mere success a new age of publishing and writing from this best mis fire of thought we live in a world of plenty but only money can get you some of that plenty try asking for help when poor one more hour added to the day the way of the poor lane home the one hour added to the none
Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax

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Monday April 6 2015 npm charlax
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