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 April FIRST 2015 npm

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PostSubject: April FIRST 2015 npm   Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:40 am

[font=Arial Black]April FIRST 2015 npmApril FIRST 2015 npm
April FIRST 2015 npm
someone has to care about small children no one seems to have the time the mother and the grandmother and the nurse and the sisters and the aunts the men are far too busy estranged and in the time they take to even remember the family the kids are making families and there kids after them the time it goes so gone the mortal coil so fragile life incased in soul the spirit holding flesh and blood lets go and Death has come to some will sleep the Time away there works will follow after them decay the Monuments of Time will weep today is the First Day of April is a FOOLISH time no kids are mine no life to open doors and runaways to find just me myself and eye someday when life is over will they cry will they sigh will time be mine someday never comes the song stuck in my mind you never grow past childhood stays forever in your heart a boy and not a man impart no wisdom to the clan the family is only kin folk and friendly folk and strangers on my time there is two sides to the coin heads and tails the boy was nervous and he could not speak easy his inflection and his accente marked him as a rube and so the teacher scoffed at all the hipsters as they laughed the boy to scorn this boy is GIFTED he can talk and he can get his point across and all the detractors had to soon agree with the teacher for the boy was smarter then me he can tell you that PI is square and never somes from a root he can tell you that time has hands on a watch the clock he can tell you that memory plays tricks and that tricksters getting kicks will pay the price someday for clowning on the time they frown at the time they never pay for what can eye find for free the time is mine today is the JOKER laughs his pretty sleeves at YOU (the APril Fool ) you thought you missed it ewe
April FIRST 2015 npm
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April FIRST 2015 npm
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