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 Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry

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Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry Empty
PostSubject: Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry   Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry Icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2015 2:07 pm

Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry
April 18, 2015 at 8:30am
Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetrySaturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry

Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry
Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry
PenUltimate Laptop
Warner BROS cartoons has been slow a business of late Lee
we decided to get into the laptop market our very first offering is almost free no we were just joking this laptop is expensive LEE made just in time for the new windows changes and we made two batterys inside the incase one of them can be switched on and off and back and forth use one and then the other charge them both at home for your next outdoor adventure good luck in finding a signal out there they are few and far between and most of them are coded never free you pay the money at the counter for the beans and get the number good luck on using either battery or plug iff you are lucky to find someplace with electricity that will let you be a customer remember the PUBLIC LIEBERRY is still a free place but they allow all sorts of low life baldies inside the place they make noises and roost all day and night the women are fatt the kids are breaking all the rules all the time and its so hard to get a word printed on the keys in time to be seen on the given publishing day deadline is almost passing can be seen on rising pay us about $5,ooo five thousand dollars for all the thing you need. We take two installments of $2,500 dollars each. Only on the dark of the moon Wednesday of each month is this possible and yes most rich people have money most poor people just dont get real why do you even think we would make a device for the poor schmuck joe blow on the street. Buy the PENUltimate Laptop from Warner BROS and step up to the pros. each laptop comes will all accessories two batterys and the power chord you will get tired of it and want another one soon. COME BACK to us and spend more money get a new one and be our Honey Pot Pie. Schmaltz sells more then merchandise baby. Each item is sold separately and intact Lee. de de du de du de du dedede thats all folks
can we say paroday BOYS AND GIRLS
Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry

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Saturday APril 18 npm charlax poetry
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