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 Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax

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PostSubject: Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax   Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:07 pm

Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax
April 15, 2015 at 8:28am
Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlaxWednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax

Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax
Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax
FIFTEEN poetry poems
eye am SUDAN the last white African Man RHino left in the world has guarded me from poachers so eye can have a wife at the end of my life they whisper near me eye hear the men talking they want to knoe iff eye can cut mustard and they laugh at my horn was nearly taken once and its a stub and eye am dark the color of the sand not actually white not like my cousins from the north but from the south the babies from Juliet will be more nearly black then white for she is comely like a dove was once a queen in orange groves above the settlement near Rome and soon there will be plenty of mixed breeds like me perhaps dark of skin and long of horn again
we eat tonnes of hay and straw to get so huge they need an adage to describe me as a plastasaurus desert nomad rhinoceros eye like to keep my head down closer to the ground she like to raise her head up to the sky we eat the same grass and some leaves we find but she gets all the fruit and big branches from the trees it only makes me sneeze never will eye ever need a tree they just do not feed me much inside the joint the grass is not the same when they lock me up they do not let me walk about the cell is small and holds alfalfa and no dames
home home on the range let me be free to eat the grass as eye wander
let me love in the fields of my youth
let Juliet be my plunder
eye am old but eye will show her
our children will be blacker but perhaps always there is one chance we will have albinos that can eat grass and trees and all the leaves of everything they make the white for goodness sake the darker fellows just like me for jest to pass the test eye need to be free to relax with Juliet
Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax

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Wednesdays APril IDES of APril npm charlax
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