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 April THREE poetry npm charlax

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PostSubject: April THREE poetry npm charlax   April THREE poetry npm charlax Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2015 7:42 am

April THREE poetry npm charlax
April THREE poetry npm charlax
April means rain it is not always shown on radar or weather and whether you get rain is in spite of what you wish for rain comes when it gathers enough clouds for a visit or it dumps when you least expect it rain is wet it makes the ground seem odd to you as you watch your step the grass is wet it can ruin a gentle evening a quiet walk after a storm brings wet shoes and socks to some the rain is a special blessing they think it grows the food but no the rain does not ever touch the cattle anymore they live in TV barns with musick piped to them all day and they watch the Soap Operas like COw kiss in the Hay the BULL says buu waaa and the cow says mooooo and the young are not allowed to watch this so much cattle show on BTV thats BOvine Television they rule the airwaves now you notice more of the wild meat in the Burgers now the cattle rule the show they stay in shelters with 3d movies and munch on mulch and hay bales as they watch TV and laugh everytime it rains they pour some more MIlk into the buckets and they roar when the Television shows the naked Kine well now its time to stop and wait the storm is almost over now
dissappointmeant all my dreams crashing downword poems seem so backword heres to grins and laudulations read me twice it gets much better
April THREE poetry npm charlax

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April THREE poetry npm charlax
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