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 Eighteenth Fabel

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Eighteenth Fabel
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Eighteenth Fabel
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Praising Jesus
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Wondering uncertain from one day to the next working for survival never needing any rest building no foundation that has not already been prelaid but marching to my final curtain on the strength of HIS shed blood on the price of life HE paid. Rude self centered people all day long are teaching me a path not connected to my song the love inside of me is taken when they stride in perfect ignorance they glide on oily fingertips like some forgotten hide left in the center of a hunting camp with maggots all at work no one can use the hide for clothing no one can make it work. Suddenly remembered pain of death intended oh Jesus take me make me whole and well and keep them all away from me the naked and the dead they rise in misery to foster they beliefs upon a lame and morose figure a aged creature just as eye am beneath a clouded sky no moon is visible no sun but sonshines down on me today and life is hard and life is stirring in the clay. Devoid of Human life they are only interested in the personal perspective seeing nothing but the end of own nose and looking down it at others prose.

Society of man is living in ignorance and darkness no hope but the grave atheists and deists marking time by taking up worthless spaces meant for others to occupy if you cannot do the work assigned to you get up and let someone else try the end is near oh GOD the end will come too soon for some of them. A half remembered song about the lyrics sung you cannot petition the LORD with Prayer? Yes eye can and hopefully it's there the Thorny Crown replaced with silver gold and brass or just the light that shines from Inside place of GOD?

Not meant to ever resemble money not meant to be much more than love. He kept the life. He Loves. Jesus Lives. He Rules and as he Rules HE loves.
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Eighteenth Fabel
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