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Fabel Twelth
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The four thousand year old day
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The end of a day is somehow better than the beginning eye carefully left my roll and hid my blanket in the place eye like to find it hoping no one goes there it is still quite cold eye lost some composure when the Jogger ignored me and proceeded onto the bridge quite rudely so early to an old man in a hurry eye was almost jogging myself HE came at me like he is used to better days he expected me to jump frog out of his way eye yelled at him “ NO” eye said “you SAW me on this bridge” and then eye rudded him eye BUMPED him with my bag just one of three eye always carry just in case of rain. He kept his tongue and made me think that he is mute perhaps he cannot speak perhaps he is one of them? He seemed so strang to me like someone not even there perhaps an ANGEL sent to test me to see iff eye was there? But yet the BIBLE clearly states that JESUS tests or tempts no man so where was HE from? This Jogger made me mad. Everything else was bent from that one chance encounter eye have been a bad boy in the middle of my night but it’s all for love ewe the bus was late and sometimes the driver lets people off same side they call it but today he decided everyone must go to the bus stop and wait in the snowless cold and it made me an hour late and no one gives me love the lieberrian is so depressed she cries it seems she just does not have enough? Can someone give me love no only ewe. No Matter how rude no matter how smart they ain’t tough there is no substitute for tough not big or mean but eye am tough. Buyer beware eye am a survivor.
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Fabel Twelth
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