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 Fabel Seventeen

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Fabel Seventeen
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Fabel Seventeen
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Rangerer Rangered
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There is many words that seem like they should belong to the English language but actually on closer examination they do not appear in the dictionary today the word is Rangered. If the eye were to try to brag about the flesh it would not help the things that happened were to someone else perhaps the rangerer. Now that eye am free and in love with the ewe eye am just the rangered not endangered to be lost but entitled to be found by the love within us both. A man was talking to his spouse “eye have found GOD” said the man “OH tell me where is GOD?” Said the woman and the man said “GOD is upon the internet it's a Charlax Poem come and see.” The lone rangerer was riding SILVER to the entrance of the mine where he makes bullets' and the shine of a penny caught his eye. The Scout pony stopped behind the rangerer and TONTO said “what's UP kemosabe”? “The CharlaX told me that a penny turned tails up is lucky can you tell it to me old friend TONTO?” said the lone rangerer. Its heads kemosabe and the old Indian kept the coin. The moral of this story is to check pennies for yourself the luck will then be thine. The Airborne Ranger was jumping out of the tower when the sergeant kicked him out he was heard to yell out “TONTO” not “Geronimo” as some are in belief. He fell too earth and broke his rangered leg. Eye left some bags underneath the moonlight with some messages from me to ewe if someone finds them please just not to worry eye will say the thief just took them and thank them for finding them they never play detective like the rangered rangerer. Remember to tell this next one to an atheist the next time the question GOD? Take the Concept of GOD and then think really hard about what that could really mean then think how it would not be really hard to write a bible for a GOD? He could have made FOURHUNDRED GOSPELS not just FOUR? He could make FOURHUNDREND bibles each one different then the one before the Four Hundredth Bible Chapter 21: Verse 3 says
Jesus saves the rangered and the rangerer? Oph please. Marshall Thompson was a Texas Rangerer when he rangered all the crock pots was full of meat and set too hot. Chuck Kobasew is a Bruin but he has a secret desire to be a rangerer and live in a BIG APPLE and eat little Johnny Appleseed's all day and when he played against the New York rangerers he rangered them. The Blue Power Rangerer was hard afoot to kick the evil treasoner the Harly sidekick. The Harly was the yellow rangerette now in disguise. She sidekicked the poor blue rangerer and then he rangered the yellow rangerette with a royal blue sidekick to her motorcycle footrest. Then the commercial came on.
Buy a Ford Rangerer either yellow or blue and you will be the rangered rangerer come true.
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Fabel Seventeen
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