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 Fable Five

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Fable Five
Fable Five Cooltext76391909
Fable Five

Fable Five Mourning_dove
Part One: The DOVE

eye picked up the dove now dead creature clasped him to my bosom brest
no sorrow feeling only life within my chest
eye enabled faith eye tossed the dove
upward into tree for landscaping seems to me a more decent burial rest
one word escaped my lipps eye just said JESUS
eye wish that eye could tell ewe that the dove it flew away
eye did not tempt the LORD this day
the bird went further on my throw
eye expected just to here the branches crashing at his fall
eye expected him to make a lot of noises there was none
no it did not fall
there is hope inside of mee still and yet that yes it flew
this dove to Heaven when it left.

Part Two: Dandylion
Fable Five Dandelion
when the gardeners of the palace make the grass a certain size
they run the mowers side by side
to make the power gasses cut the grasses
every one of the now chopped to pieces dandelions gone
except mye one
in a state of childlike fate eye ran to edge of lawn and placed some of my baggage down long enough to kick the dandelion down
a man my age just having certain fun
and smile remembering a childhood never found

Part Three: New Blue Jeans
Fable Five Levis-m-501_khaki
the shortest part of fable five is this the three part not contrived
the jeans are long on legs so short and waisted wide to hide the layers eye needed to survive a cold and cheerless night
eye tore the tags from pockets soon to hold my treasures of a man long old and finding love in one dear place mye ewe she loves the way eye dress she loves my look upon my face when eye just smile embrace
she must be smiling now at FABLE FIVE.
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Fable Five
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