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 Eleventh Fable

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Eleventh Fable
Eleventh Fable Cooltext76927101
Eleventh Fable
Eleventh Fable 2898153944
The Millionth Dollar
Eleventh Fable Cooltext76927062
Charlaxes Fables

Some people live in misery afraid to spend a dollar bill is one a friend but he just won't let it go. The man walks or rides his bike even in the snow not using public transportation anywhere he goes. A Child is young too young to knoe just what money's for. She takes the dollar in her hand and keeps it never spending it and never letting go.
Song 1001
Aern't ewe the one that eye love
Aern't ewe the love the only love that eye have
Aern't ewe the one that eye love
Aern't ewe the reason this man gets up
Aren't ewe the love that eye have
Aern't ewe the purple cloud
Aern't ewe the heart of the rain
Aren't ewe the name in the sky?
Aren't you the song 1001?
Aern't eye the one?
The millionth dollar has been spent the millionth tear eye cried the millionth time eye tried to make a song was this one number one thousand one. Time will wait for no one let us rule the time with love.
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Eleventh Fable
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