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 The Third Fable

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The Third Fable
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The Third Fable
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Depression Session
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Everyone has bad days.
CharlaX: The man on the bus: he reads his paper he moves into the light to see the words
THE OTHER MAN: on the same bus: was hearing his cd player just looking for the sun to come up over the hill and give its light he keeps staring out the window to see the sunrise
The many other people: just come and go
The girl: had no gloves her hands was so cold she twisted them like nerves to keep them warm
The Lady: gave to me a dollar to help me have my ride
Eye had the one the two was now the full day pass.
The Reason: gone for going early the depression halving head again my heart split in two halves not meaning anything now hurting like the ending of a life could be my death if not recovered soon could mean the end of life
Mechanical Buffon: eye eat eye try to breathe but not too much eye cry but nothing left that will come out
And then it's over one more day of life.
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The Third Fable
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