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 APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd

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APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd Empty
PostSubject: APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd   APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd Icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 9:53 am

APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd

APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd
APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd
always there is danger in building a new thought
thinking can cut
hope can dwindle like a cold participle
diet coke is replacing coffee which is replacing beerd
hard to cry into a diet coke its weird
working on the new man bread is not my thing meat is still the diet crave
eye could want in one and you knoe what to do with the other hand
chicken grizzards for launch AT & T at the boat dock
endless love is playing on the radio what a moment that was
carbon dating catch me iff ewe can
subliminal limn ed,note.ed android life is better then adam and eve did it wrong
a good policeman is hard to find he is like gold plated rules in mind
rain is wet then wet is cold the dry is warm and even damp is gold
morsles of food when starved ewe can eat a lot or a little cram it in or piece it down the tummy likes it all
money money money all the time is not my idea of life its the way most people get the eggs out of the store look for food on sale look for cheaper stores
the monumeant of destruction is on the way from the cloud is getting that silver lining on the shroud does this look mystical to ewe while dining on the shoe horn pull the left over to the right remember to pay twice for each and every nice thing that you buy once
the man had a work hat but white collar awaiting for the bus too work
he had cleaner clothing then new things his shoes were shining white tennis anyone
he glanced from his book just once to laught at me in my homeless coat
eye reached into the trash can
you guessed it COFFEE nice and hot
almost a full cupp
sail on to your day job BOB so weird
APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd

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APril 17 2014 Crying in my Beerd
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