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 Ides of April 15 2014

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Ides of April 15 2014 Empty
PostSubject: Ides of April 15 2014   Ides of April 15 2014 Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 5:40 pm

Ides of April 15 2014
Ides of April 15 2014
National Poetry Month is now Half Gone or Half Left Over the hill is climbing the shadow is lengthening along that valley wall until the sun recedes behind those curios clouds are dark and forbidding the light is bright not dim the light
the man was colored he was a ganger he is not like me he said some very bad things to me he tried to be tought but he has no meat on those skinny bones and so eye ignored him even said once or twice too eff off he kept trying to warn me out of his area and he had to finally leave cause eye stood my ground without leaving and he heard me say clearly you are making me mad SHUT UPP and then he left still muttering his threats trying to mess with my routine all the tents in the way he was a distraction eye didnt want or need there is an event in the Rotunda today eye cant find the namme of the event but it is intents
it is supposed to rain all weekend and so Sunday is the beginning of Green Beer Day Monday is the Saint Patricks Day when all the Alcoholics see snakes everywhere after the event
filler filler filler cram cram cram berries LOLL
intheevent of a natural disaster bend over to see eye will maintain my innocence at all costs
for those of you that find me hard to read
Bewary of the April Fairy
Ides of April 15 2014
let me add this about that ed.note.ed each day has peculiar problems each person has to face each day deal with his or her problems but your personal pain never outweighs the other persons friendship keep it clean
April 15

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Ides of April 15 2014
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