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 April 21 2014 NPM poem 21

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PostSubject: April 21 2014 NPM poem 21   Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:10 pm

April 21 2014 NPM poem 21
April 21, 2014 at 8:11am
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April 21 2014 NPM poem 21
April 21 2014 NPM poem 21
the crowning victorius marching around unscathed bye the battle balustrades parades on the green marching alone the last tin soldier going on to rome he weaves a path amongst the dead tombstones fallen archery cascades into the past romance dies with Juliet the dance moves into the present tense abilities of future pretenses present themselves postulating the entire time is gone and then the end shall never come until the market place becomes the rule the birth of pain the dead eating whatever is found on the shelf stocked with one item listed ingredients gradiented onto the side of the can whole wheat with meat added two bye two they stand in line two by two they march into the belly of the beast the mark on the head the six the hand the six the foot the six the christian approaching the scaffolding his hands in prayer prepared to be with Jesus longing to walk up those staring past the noose to hold his head to the chopping block the video turn off the webcam show this not to eye am sure the time will come
April 21

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April 21 2014 NPM poem 21
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