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 UNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetry

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PostSubject: UNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetry   Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:51 pm

UNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetry
April 13, 2014 at 12:39pm
UNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetry
UNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetry

UNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetryUNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetryPOLICEman stopped menow eye am angry but must tell you first whythe friend that eye have been avoiding cause he comes off the wallhe said it was because of my university football capits just a sports cap and he was making funn of meit is his way and nothing real bad will come of it todaythe cop was only doing his important and hard jobsomeone called him on his cell phone to report a crimeand this homeless fit the description to a tee shirt looking like a sweatshirt cause eye got sleeves pulled upp under it is my rain shirtoh pleasehe said at first he would call the man to come have a lookwill he say this is not youeye hope so was all eye said cause eye do not do things like you said the man was pulling on car doors trying to get one openit must have been my lucky day it is not FrYdaY only Thursaday the 13 of March but my friend is trying to steal my hat it makes me madhe likes the other teamit is his way of letting off his steamwhan he comes around eye will wear another hatand glad the police man let me go out and backto get my church snacksto type this poem in the warm after glow of sexjust giving you a test to see iff you really read this farsigned the sleeper under starsreported the arresst for using electricity in the park closed at dark and now this city once was funn is now a turn off after nine pm will try again every day inside the only place to use machine the public lieberry scene on UNlucky 13em eye ess ess eye ess ess eye pee pee eye queen rhymes with rhymes iff ewe knoe what eye meanUNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetry

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UNlucky 13 of April 2014 NPM poetry
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