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OUt of snow into the snow back and forth in snow day. I may I maight wish for snow to take a flight. o o o o o o o o snow flaske anagram ed of snow flakes editor went crazy when i typed anagramed and the oooooooo eight Os my bizarro effort to make snow flakes was at the least successful trace.The word is snow enow allow the plow to function I will eat at Joes. Snow poem yes its at least deep mabe deeper by then out of flakes into the feet . I missed the City Trolley FUnction Buss by only minutes I stepped into the twilight zone after dressing in the 60 degree house tent with candles blown and door open I was wet too wet in minutes whats the problem is snow.I got a ride by word of mouth at the gas stationed he was nice he said he wold dropp me at the intersection to the town and when he stopped I missed the door opener and he frowned but he finally found it after grabbing it in the wrong place hisselfen making me certain it was the newer style of truck cluck cluck open up the door chuck get back into the snow such is life in bizarro Colorado.I burned all night. Sleep missing. COld even when inn. Lucky may lucky might please help me make it threw one more lucky night. I am not gonna freeze not to death at least I like to sneeze all alone in the middle of my comfort zoned. I can go home alone come out in the mourning try to all over again try to make it my business to live. I am eighteen I am fourteen I am Fifty Five. I like to listen to a Musick Video without seeing just what they look like it brings into play my reel memory. AHHA hehe look at me I am showing out.Why did they call it that? It must have been on a slow SnowDay.
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SnowDay SnowDay
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