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PostSubject: TheBigFish   TheBigFish Icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2009 3:00 pm

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CharlaX Swept. The line was plumb. The fish was gone. I wrote three full pages of CharlaXProse folded up the paper in a nappy inserted it inside a zipper pocket and then lost it eye have seen it only once scince then removed it placed it somewhere else now eye cannot find it again. I vaugely rember looking at a brown napkin it resembled the poem. It was the Greatest Story Ever Told. The Big FIsh that got away. The Laminated Cover Story for PlowBoy Magazine is calling me eye am stalling them untill I find the thing and land it. I do NOT do the laundry Matt I do not exchanger Bag for Bag the Clothing never gets discarded. I keep every shirt I had all sumner pants and shorts and jackets sometimes do not get REWORN but they are forever near, the outside edge pressed up against the wall for installation to keep me warm in a Crazy COld of COlorado Winter. NOw I rember how hard I looked at napkin and tossed it away anyway at Albertsons trash canned. I was forgetting that the pOem lies folded up inside the brown adhered to napkin upside down and now its gone I can never write that Piece again not word for word or even Theme. It was forgotten in the length of time it takes to pen one for PloWboy Magazine. The MOuntain Peeks. SNow covered leaks. Hands and fingers good naturally. Natured spelled backwards is Derutan. They did not pay me money for the FISH Story that got away He is the one that got the Alimony pay The Original Story is Big it was Huge. A real Abalone. News.

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