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PostSubject: TalloR   TalloR Icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2009 12:36 pm

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The moon was not full (a safe bet) since it was a while ago back (i can remember it) a friend made a comment on the day it was to be. Yellow snow. NO yoke. Like the yolk of the chicken egg the outside of my shelter looked and felt like death to me. The color did not help at all it sickened me. Moments of time I can never make a picture look like that again. I began to climb the hill from Town to thie lieberry where im okay now the boots is clean and the shirt is dry again. Wet underclothes is agony in snow. The boots pick up the mudd one layer adds one inch to heighth of CharlaX must have been at least Seventeen feet tall then dropped to shorter smaller gall is bitter cold. I am almost sorry that I stayed here now. But nothing can compare to days I will not be able to navigate this hill. Just do not worry crew for only will I stay away when its impossible to move. Do not fret or miss me then for I will be trying to get dressed to navigate this cold this unGODly COlorado storm. Growing TalloR as I walk into the ice and snow.

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