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 Nineteen fable

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Nineteen fable
Nineteen fable Music_john_fogarty
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Grand Funk Railroad was a fave group of mine the best time eye ever had was in a house on a rug listening to this song of hard rock and rhinocerous thumps. Wait. FOGHAT was the best for sex but lucky mee was never a Catholic. The Horns blew for Chicago and there was lots of other groups to make this fable bleed there was the Creedence Clearwater Revival so cool so wonderful a thing. John Fogarty sure must have been a saint. Eye wish he had not got so mad and left the other members of his group. But Creedence Song became a new fave thing.
Daddy had a band
Played him a little guitar
Traveled in a van
Livin' that rock and roll
Night after night
People comin' up to the bandstand
Say you can't go wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song

It was late one night
Cruisin' on down the interstate
Stopped into a diner
To get him some chili and fries
Heard the waitress tell a guy
Standin' over by the jukebox
Hey you can't go wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song

Well daddy took a shine
To the lil' girl behind the counter
She movin' her hips to the swamp beat
Right on time
Said could he play her somethin'
Over there on the jukebox
She said you can't wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song

Daddy had a plan
He asked that girl to marry
With a brand new wife
They're livin' on rock and roll
Night after night
She whispers oh so sweetly
Hey you can't go wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song

Hendrix was the best on the guitar that eye have ever saw and the star spangled banner made by this strang black man became my country banner sweet. There was so many off the wall hard to play and follow like the BEGEES nothing rally wrong with them just could not copy them. BOOGIE WOOGIE will remain the easiest to play just progressions made of love back and forth and up ZZ Top just left Chicago and Found they Jesus.
The Doors was everyone's favorite when getting high. Eye could not party and maintain my dignity eye never could have group sex or sinful fun with everyone a problem to the gamers to the players to the users everyone eye then become the odd one to them all preferring quiet solitude unless they needed me to help maintain there dignity. Piano music will remain the favorite of rednecks killers' kain. Steppenwolfe played the drug songs patriotic backwards making fun of pushers users flushers. Listen quickly to this musickal idea before eye leave John Fogarty and others like him even women who play musick helped this young man believe in GOD.
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Nineteen fable
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