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 The Seventh Fable

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The Seventh Fable
The Seventh Fable Th-5413_0007
The Seventh Fable
The Seventh Fable 273550895
Charlaxes Fables
The Seventh Fable 58m
Mental Prefabrications
People have preconceived ideas from Religion and Television
combine these two ideas and no wonder everyone is mental.
The Eye is just now thankful that the computer was not mine at age 14. The TV was enough to ruin me for life. It is no wonder that eye still don't have a life. Falling into cracks made just for me. Living in the NEW AGE causes so much uncertainty and problems we avoided in our past come back as daily necessities of the mass of useless protoplasmic mice eye once saw a man on the highway with a sign he was begging for more money to get some more useless wine so the people went zigging past avoiding him until he fell down on the ground it seemed to me he was passed out perhaps he died and no one buried him sounds like an episode of Twilight Zone. There was episodes eye will never forget the NOSE throbbing on the stairs inside the house the girl tried to leave the shelter of the fence once out she turned to dust the man with the wires in his arm seeing the oven where he was born the little airforce people in the GIANT woman's kitchen getting swept.

It just occurred to me the ins and outs of celebrity imagine all the casting calls to make the episodes. AND the fact that Charlax was never chosen for even one of them seems sort of some kind of twisted justice the actors used were just the best of all the crème de le crème of all the hollywooded jest. Webseries Pilot casting call:
Male, Caucasian, mid 40's to 50's - HG. News talk show host. Strong stanced, mix between Bill Oreilly, Larry King.
Male, open ethnicity, early to mid 30's - JG. Federal Agency Detective. Good at his job, but fresh enough to still want to make a difference. Female, African American, mid 20's to mid 30's - AW. Activist. Strong headed attorney with a gentle side.
Male, African American, mid 30's - CH. Sweet dispositioned gangster.
Male, African American, mid 30's - N. Cool, calm and collected.
Male, African American, mid 30's - CU. Wing-man type. The right hand man.
Male, Italian, late 40's - S1. Gangster.
Male, Italian, late 40's - S2. Gangster.
Please copy & paste entire description into email submission.
This is a pilot, apologies, no pay for now. Credit, copy and food.
You'll be working with a great crew shot on HD equipment.
Send headshot, qualifications and contact info (more interested in your acting abilities than resume). Will call you in on 14th or 15th for reading. Thanks all and good luck. The Charlax would be excellent at this OH wait look at that ethnic face. Male, open ethnicity, early to mid 30's - JG. Federal Agency Detective. Good at his job, but fresh enough to still want to make a difference. Oh if eye were only Twenty Years different. A Twilight Zoned Detecative with the name Rick Roll selected and elected to be the actor of the myllineum.
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The Seventh Fable
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