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 The Last Poem Of CharlaX

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The Last Poem Of CharlaX
The Square Peg Inn The Round Hole of Earth
The Eye refers of course to Jesus and his soon return to earth.
There is as yet no numbered head no forehead hand upon astonied brow visage or crown the eye remains the LORDS
When the Mark 666 becomes the certainty then old homeless must and will depart for Heaven bound for home
Be aware that death shall come so certainly to love a momentary problem overruled then by the GOD, HE loves.
One day no matter what they do to me no matter where they place me no matter what they do with head the head will soon return to body and the eye will then continue just to love the ewe again mabe not in this natural realm but in the Heaven ewe may dwell with me in Spirit and raised body for faith has saved the both of us have the faith of JESUS.
Save us all oh lord as eye am penning this eye forgive the men that beat me in hopes that someday they may find thee
Oh my flowerd ewe do not fret at my demise but understand that money is not GOD.
Remember one day after they place me in the black body bag my angels will then come and if they cremate me then the scattered ashes will undone and burnt to pieces bones and relics walk again in love.
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The Last Poem Of CharlaX
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