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PostSubject: Bunket   Bunket Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 12:54 pm

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Bunket Bunket
A New Word: A CharlaX Definition
Bunket: A Noun Def1: Bunket 1
Bunket: A any item placed on the end of a bunk i.e. a laundry bag.
Old Army Man speaking “Eye am moving my bunket to the drop off point for them to pick it up.
Def2: Bunket 2
Bunket: the dust mites under a bed (please don’t look there)
Old woman in house is speaking “there is dust mites oh look at all the bunkets under there”
Def3: Bunket 3
Bunket: a blanket
Young woman is speaking to her husband: “the bunket is a new one.”
Husband said “do you mean the blanket on the bunk?”
YW says “No the CharlaX said to call it a bunket now it’s a new word.”
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