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 APril 22 Summer Time Blues npm charlaX

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PostSubject: APril 22 Summer Time Blues npm charlaX   Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:45 am

APril 22 Summer Time Blues npm charlaX
April 22, 2015 at 7:47am
APril 22 Summer Time Blues npm charlaXAPril 22 Summer Time Blues npm charlaX
APril 22 Summer Time Blues npm charlaX
Summer Time Blues

Summer Time Blues
Summer Time Blues

A journey through the seasons of a homeless eye.


The solace of frozen water unreachable melting
and cascading into forms of drinkable images of survival ice cubes
work has no more meaning in the living in the ending of all time
toil and sweat was designed for one man ADAM and his tribe
the snow was like a buffer between me and the thief and all the enemies replete
and when it ended eye did miss it eye still miss it when eye sleep.


The bugs come out the flies return and oh the pain of living in the warm returns
the food is not so perfectly kept in spring
Old homeless must be much more careful to find stuffing he can use
before they spoil and bring decay
sometimes food can only be kept now for only the one day.


HOT not burning hot not searing anatomy hot just annoying to me
taking all my strength just to survive for one more day
Food is very difficult to find the fishing has to be done carefully
Clothing is no longer needed in the day just in the night.
People par tee people steal things in the night.
People waste the life that JESUS died to bring them.
People murder out the living and they murder out the just.
People in the summer live for lust.


Certain that the weather is some sort of GOD sent protection
The rain and OH sometimes it falls in brilliances of hard crystal forms
Eye have seen the hard rain come eye have seen the HAIL stones fall
The certainty of WINTER will soon come.
This Homeless JESUS loves the fall.

By charlax

2008 charlax (All rights reserved)

Poetical Jesus Freak lover of pookie ewe pocahontus
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APril 22 Summer Time Blues npm charlaX
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