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 APril 21 npm charlaX

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PostSubject: APril 21 npm charlaX   Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:37 am

APril 21 npm charlaX
April 21, 2015 at 7:52am
to capture her own image in the photo that we crave.to capture her own image in the photo that we crave.

Nessy Is A Mother

nessy is a mother

nipples thrust into the mouth of calf
nothing differing from any other mothers just her outward appearnces the flesh we all possess and love she has the love inside of every living creature she gives her offspring milk so they survive she does to some extent seem to care where they are at she has a underwater sound much like the whales give out to call them home home is just the shadow of an underwater ledge hidden from the prying eyes of men where she feed her calfs again and again and again and over again


Loch Doon

The path was slippery and just her weight keeps Nessy sliding she almost falls back in the water but she bravely makes it up the sloping inclination to the middle of the deer path avoiding all the public gathered in her name with camera and came to find her to capture her own image in the photo that we crave.
She hid behind a boulder like some midevil warrior and she caught the elk behind the neck like some great dragon made of olde.
There really was no struggle she had the carry meat to slide it down to water to let the children eat there really was no other way they needed more than she could squeeze to them in mothers way.
Vermillion clouded water as the children gathered for the feast. What separated her from all the others was her bleat all the children knoe her name her very smell she gives them nourishment and well they must remember her and where she seems to be.
When the meat was gone and children nestled near the shoreline there she dragged the carcass of the deer back to the boulder to leave her there in the manner of apologetic Christians leaving baskets full of fishes for the poor.
The men of Loch Doon always find the bones.

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APril 21 npm charlaX
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