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 Manifesto APril Twenty npm charlax poem

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PostSubject: Manifesto APril Twenty npm charlax poem   Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:29 am

Manifesto APril Twenty npm charlax poem
April 20, 2015 at 11:16am
we keep the things we did for lovewe keep the things we did for love

Manifesto APril Twenty npm charlax poem
Manifesto APril Twenty npm charlax poem
it is not purity of the flesh that religion ever teaches and yet most people stumble on the table they fall from the plate and they drop the moon in the drink
it is the simple idea of the Spirit and the Soul that is ignored
food is taught to be clean or unclean
this is ridiculous and not an unction of the Lord
he destroyed this false religion when he died he made it ok to eat anything on the earth
in fact nothing is now to be thought of as unclean
but as with anything else a person has to have certain standards
what is good for the goose is not so certain for the gander
there is no such thing as normal when it comes to food each person decides for themselves what they eat unless circumstances rule the table
it is neither wrong to eat vegetables or right to eat only meat
clean is washed in water to most people but a dish can be wiped and dried
or some people use dirt as antiseptic in the field they swipe the sticky from the plate with mud
he didnt come to destroy society he came to save
he has not the time for socalled saving plates
meat for the belley and the belley for the meat both these things created will someday come to end
we keep the things we did for love
een a many bad man has many idol worshippers and th emore the merrier when the money flows like wine but a poor man has his love
many people and we may never understand the poverty keeps them from living on the land they never have any real food at all some of them die without a table on the ground
but remember these words of good cheer we who have much now will have not so much then and they who had little will have more in the future then they had on the land

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Manifesto APril Twenty npm charlax poem
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