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 APril 16 Thursday npm charlax

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PostSubject: APril 16 Thursday npm charlax   Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:09 pm

APril 16 Thursday npm charlax
April 16, 2015 at 8:20am
win too the top of the wall belongs to all the ivy on the vinewin too the top of the wall belongs to all the ivy on the vine

APril 16 Thursday npm charlax
APril 16 Thursday npm charlax
rude behavior is not always what it seems people are always on the short end of other peoples dreams the stick is the short one for the other fellow not you people are unmoved by the plight of other people it is always the other fellow that will help you not me it is prejudice and ignorance and race a race of self important drug using haters intent on causing fights or murders they give those high and mighty looks like they are scraping me off the bottom of the shoe and then they smile at nothing at all a pet peeve of mine is this no matter how many times you fail you should never give in to the fail you will succeed iff you try and fall then get back upp and try again fall again a thousand times fall then fail a thousand times to win once you will not remember the fail you will rejoice in the win it is in the structure of all life at some point the ivy will attack the wall and fall go look at all the fails upon the vine one IVY made the win too the top of the wall belongs to all the ivy on the vine the one that won the wall the very top and all the fail
the ice of winter kills them all then spring unlocks the wall the ivy comes to call the trail is windy not at all the life is come till winter calls
my muscles are not extroverted not bunched up for you to see them and marvel at my super human strength they are all internal to hold me upp from attack they are for defense not for show or tell but for emergency use only after careful consideration of the odd because of the no considerate fellow or to be more kind or let me put this another way perspection is in the eye of the beholder when the devil tops the wall all the ivy will soon fall while it has been said for ages there is no honor among thieves let it now be said there should be no loyalty to the killers no clinging vine to the failures no part of the death that comes to all of them sooner or later they will come to the chopping block and the ax another edit or addition AL the boy who drove past me in the rain and would not stop in traffic to let me hop away HOW RUDE have you become when HUMAN has no namme but tracks upon the sticks
APril 16 Thursday npm charlax

does this remind you of eye the charlax one

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APril 16 Thursday npm charlax
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