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 APril npm charlax ELEVEN

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PostSubject: APril npm charlax ELEVEN   Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:33 am

APril npm charlax ELEVEN
APril npm charlax ELEVEN
Eleven can be a diamond roughened tought caught in a rock formation lost for aeons and suddenly laying near the trough full of water catching more rain is there no way to stop it from falling again as the diamond catches the light it cracks the glass of the window in sight of the children they wait for the night to bring peacefullness a jewel is a lesson in time they form from the sediment stones found in the stratus both dead and gone they adorn the living but only the rich they adorn the shorn lobe of the pritchard so rich the sister angelica has them for rosary beads fall from her fingertips as she counts all her diadems while she reads the diamonds cut the stained glass of the church windows as she breathes silent prayers her parishioners weep for the poor among the city die in poverty more and more have no diamonds or stones to cut glass with the etching of famous persons remembered but dead they smile from the windows of red and the pages of read come alive in the eyes of the children reading and praying each hand holds a diamond again they reflect the light from the bald shorn and shaven more then eleven much more then a dozen in haven they quake as they sing in the choir Lord please save them they cry holding diamonds up high the formation is gained from the tar vegetation is framed in the stone as it lays it oozes and makes more then flakes as it grows into scales and then transforms into fronds of hard rock making diamonds alive in the stones of eleventh lost sons and the nuns holding lights as they walk in the Labyrinth wearing hoods hiding faces of women and boys as they hold upp the diamonds in JOy to the world as they sing old religion they pray and they sway to the music they say we are the diamonds once formed from the clay and the Dragon awakes and he smiles at his Children with diamonds for teeth as he eats them they sing old religion and weep for the time is now gone
APril npm charlax ELEVEN is done

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APril npm charlax ELEVEN
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