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 APril NINE a childrens game day npm charlax

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PostSubject: APril NINE a childrens game day npm charlax   Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:48 am

APril NINE a childrens game day npm charlax
APril NINE a childrens game day npm charlax
chasing shadows trying to get home before the light is gone trying to keep the shadows alive in the dark a shadow game the boys so young Hop Scotch the chalk on the sidewalk always the squares get further apart and the girls how they laugh when you miss the last one HIppety HOppity out on a limb down to the water to take a poor swim back to the sidewalk to catch a poor thief HIppety Hop to the Barber SHop a pompadour a new front door the old one gone the house is gone the family laid away to rest and then the Heaven after test the ticked a lock the lips and tried not to talk when eye insisted on a word they wept you are a boy you do not understand our love Hide and go Seek and they always went home they could have called it Hide and go Look had time to write a book did your mother call you away little girls never play fair they wear the hair and you wont dare to kiss me there the homeless houses were just crossed tree roots we wandered in and out no place to shout the noise was missing me back when the kids were kids and time was mine again Humpback Dumpback HUmppity DUmpitty all the kings horse and all the kings men the egg and eye the sad refrains of life
skipping stones and picking up jacks swinging on vines and swimming in brine all of the kids games gone the older we get the further we lack
APril NINE a childrens game day npm charlax

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APril NINE a childrens game day npm charlax
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