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 Easter APril FIVE poems npm charlAX

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PostSubject: Easter APril FIVE poems npm charlAX   Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:45 am

Easter APril FIVE poems npm charlAX
Easter APril FIVE poems npm charlAX
the old rugged cross
the lord was god in human form no man can withstand the things he took for us and live he not only took it all with him he lived again
the story is a simple one a virgin birth a life of serving everyone
he did not knoe a moments peace but prayed
he lived to get his job over with and done
much like any SOldier in the field he fought and won
he laid his spirit and his flesh a test upon a tree of rugged wood
he gave us all of Heaven on that day
remember me he cried when eye come into my kingdom shall eye try
what say you minions can you remember Jesus just now by reading this
he is the GOD of the living and the Dead
he whom has saved everyone can not be forced to hate or damn anyone
be careful how you preach or think of Jesus on this day
A Savior is remembered in a poem
Easter APril FIVE poems npm charlAX

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Easter APril FIVE poems npm charlAX
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