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Idioms of intergnet
consumer compliant complaint form 666
consumer user customer when the parent company ed,note,ed we will use MicroHard as the ensample example so when MicroHard has no further need of new customers and the price of a device will become Astronomical and money will soar out of sight to a new height to a red moon phase of over inflated important Bossy HOggy people on the cellphone telling all the Indians what to do one day you will look for an Indian and find no one there to do your bidding there for you when no one can consume a new product what will you do XP is obsolete almost you are doing this now to my windows seven almost heaven number eaight is the new moon red phase perhaps eye can afford a windows nine when it comes out it seems to me that windows eight is just a new windows vista and that one was very hard to use Microsoft to reveal Windows 9 at Build 2014, with release in April 2015? eye am waiting for developmeant meant for eye the old windows 95 was just a rumored old thing they used to have when eye began with my XP and the move upp to windows seven was the best OS eye ever seen comepared to what they did with Vista and now Eight is a disgrace they made seven and soon Nine will take its place. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. make mine nine with windows seven features make the hard drive longer and more memory spaces add some key functions and some other things turn off the plan make it user friendly with support online that works make it for 2015 eye can hardly contain my Joy make it sooner or later but make it MicroHard Windows 9

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