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 Elevenish ELvish APrilish Poemish

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PostSubject: Elevenish ELvish APrilish Poemish   Elevenish ELvish APrilish Poemish Icon_minitimeFri Apr 11, 2014 11:29 am

Elevenish ELvish APrilish Poemish
Elevenish ELvish APrilish Poemish
A Good Question
A Big Breakfast
Alla alla into the alley vous all the bumbles bumms on the street
told me to hurry over to get ates have a free byte to eat no one told me mmoney for the plate the men out front was asking for the ticket price was 8 $$$$$$$$ an no sense to eye see said the eye do not have th asking price to eat
a man eye knoe him for a bumm came stumbling out with two breakfast plates right in front of me and a cup ITS FREE he says to me
eye turned to the ticket taking men
NO was all they said
you have to have a purchased ticket you poor man
eye nodded at the man leaving with his food
others of my kind are feeding free
NO was all they said
they are being watched they said to me
you have to get a ticket to eat bread
you must get a ticket to be free
go beg
why does this always happen to the eye see
A Big Breakfast
A Good Question
on a happier note ed.note.ed
the men work for a company trucking
they saw me coming
BOTH men gave me breakfast
left over inside those StyroFoam trays
bacon and eggs
today one of the men saw me again
a chicken fried steak on a fryday from the man
made my elfish day completeish
Elevenish ELvish APrilish Poemish

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Elevenish ELvish APrilish Poemish
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