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PostSubject: APril NINE NPM   Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:21 pm

Charles Robert Hice
8 hrs Edited



a dog lives on while great men byte the dust

JOhn Edgar Wideman

pps 37

The HOmewood Trilogy

did you knoe eye tried to save him once myself


a drunk sits in old shabby clothes vermin biting his arms from inside such a dirty old coat poor friend needs help he is helpless

he does his dirty businesses in plain site of the traffic in the daytime they can see him the sun is upp

SUnday mourning on the grass in public in front of Church people driving near the man gasped and told the woman not to look she almost broke her neck to see the naked crook

so eye had went to him before

to provide humanitarian aide

this time he had said no he did not need my help

and eye could see the empty water jugg

now it all makes sense

he must have been drinking beers wine or other whiskey comes to mind

eye left but not too late

another person came he is one of those like him

he let him fill his jugg because his hands are clean

they call me poor white trash

there is no honor among these thieves

and eye have not helped him ever since

perhaps in trash eye will come clean

these men smoke mary jane left handed cigarettes and scoff at the law they rule the park and drink and stone the day away all night long

in darkness is a man concieved but after this the judgemeant is for them

the rulers of us all the hatefilled brow beaters and the devils advocates

into the fire with them unless they can be saved in time oh Nick

out on a long limb oh this is APril NINE NPM in Florida.

Poetical Jesus Freak lover of pookie ewe pocahontus
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