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 APril 8 the house

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PostSubject: APril 8 the house   Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:13 pm

APril 8 the house APril 8 the house Chinese Laptop Button Two OR The Do Nothing Button
April 8, 2014 at 11:00am
APril 8 the house

APril 8 the house

Chinese Laptop Button Two


The Do Nothing Button

So many people cannot lagg or deal with the lagg monster it eats so much time

pages get stuck and will not refresh

minutes turn into hours on updates

you stream a video and nothing downloads to the screen

you see what eye mean

no one likes to wait for nothing much to ever happen but the lagging

Tossco Toys has developed the Laptop ButtonTM

(click here)

once your machine has decided to lagg without you

all you do is click the link to the Laptop ButtonTM

our button desplayes three green dots over and over in a stimulation

just like you used to get with the OLD XP models Laptops

The Eroor message says

Thank you for Contract


will be back on line


all the while those three green dots are flashing on your screen

until your freeze or update is complete

Tossco Toys can be found in many Departmeant Stores and Malls

look for the Laptop ButtonTM

each item sold separated into a small box with a plastic lid



adding something here about Microsoft aims to fill the banks with more Trillions of dollars they are not in this INterGnet business to be user Friendly Mate or Spouse

APril 8 the house

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APril 8 the house
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