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 April 4 poems for NPM

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April 4 poems for NPM Empty
PostSubject: April 4 poems for NPM   April 4 poems for NPM Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2014 7:09 pm

April 4 poems for NPM
April 4, 2014 at 3:37pm
April 4 poems for NPM

April 4 poems for NPM

extringent nose


my stuff smells sweet to me

eye stink

iff eye were washed and dried deodorant in place of shaved pitts upon my face and lotion on my notion the idiot exploded would smell more like awefull then to me the eye does now each nose must have its own definition of the class of smell that stops the function smells like well it is a deep dark subject

right or wrong to tell someone eau natural or parfume

alive or exhume

it had been a bad night for me rain all night and for me eye was still wearing my sweats usually something to keep dry that does not smell good at all you see

his nose he needs some help have not seen this man in the same place since he told me that eye stink

was not even told to leave was allowed my own decision yet eye left

then tried to sit somewhere else and always someone comes into the quiet place to make some noise to ruin my quiet area

and now eye am sitting near the place where all this happened in the human race against time we all face

just to pen this ode to tally ho this missive for my free poetry readers and yes you might stil notice odour if you are used to people bathing

for me the worst smell in the world is soap that has not been dried with a towel he needs more time in the bath

powder puff or doom

so to those of ewe eye may offend your nose

to some people so does Rose

now eye lay me down two write a poem four

April is one more

in Florida.

Will this is only negative because of the fools around me who insist on making fun of me and themselves
Will this is only negative because of the fools around me who insist on making fun of me and themselves

Poetical Jesus Freak lover of pookie ewe pocahontus
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April 4 poems for NPM
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