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 APril 1 is ONe

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PostSubject: APril 1 is ONe   Tue Mar 25, 2014 7:14 pm

   April 2014 NPM
   APril 1 is ONe

APril 1 is ONe
APril 1 is ONe


APril 1 is ONe

APril 1 is ONe

Lieberry Dissertation

APril 1 2014 NPM

National POetry MOnth

Lettuce make a large important building

too house the books from  A too Z

Let us invite the Public there to read

We will always give the preference to the family

although lots of citizens can enter from this community

lettuce remove the obvious discordant problems

the sleeper the homeless the drunk

we will even make them leave this city

wearing tar and feathered belts

the lame the poor must walk a great distance

no place to call there home

Let us make a large important building

too house the books from A too Z

but only for the family

and not ever for the individual

this has been a social dissertation

from a bundle of quiet nerves

where RObots RUle this city

only workers will have work

only narrow minded bigots use the spigots

oh what an APril FOol

Poetical Jesus Freak lover of pookie ewe pocahontus
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APril 1 is ONe
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