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 the music died

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the music died Empty
PostSubject: the music died   the music died Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 4:44 pm

the music died
the music died
the green green boughs lost the lyrics to the song the musicians died all too young they left us to the memories fade they took the music that we loved the wind took the song and halved it into twain and dropped the basic tones into the boggy bog the muck the mire the mud holds fast to notes of flute at last they play the way the wonder went every mothers son gave his every breath to music lent they the power of this life to music gave they all us the best of music left they us with the countless rhythums they ended decades mourned they still get bows when someone hears remembered songs so many gone they died so young the music dead the music died the music gone today is the new age stuff the good stuff gone they did away with good good songs no one could be as good as we were way back then the old old man still remembers them good old songs he does not remember when he was just a kid and others older then his kind were doing them songs were differant then they were not good they were not nice we did them better then the past and now the future will not keep our music live our music died the music died

a few days before thanksgiving in 2011
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the music died
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