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PostSubject: TravoltaKFC   TravoltaKFC Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 7:41 pm

This is Johnny Dark calling for John Travolta : Johnny Dark
KFC : yes SIR how may we help you SIR ?
Our Restaurant is at your disposal.
Johnny Dark : We need a Reservation for 43 people including the MAN himself is coming down. Can you handle it. Clown.
KFC : You must be thinking of Mcdonalds now. NO SIR we take no Special Reservations for important people just come as you are.
Johnny Dark : Clown. You donít understand who you are talking to be or not to be that is your Question we cannot frequent your Society without are safeguards will you take $20,000 ??? Speak up, Clown.
KFC : Sniff, we are a Chicken Place we get more then that much at our Window every night NO CLOWN am eye eye serve my wings to everyone but old homeless people with no money. WE send our gangs outside to beat him upp. NO CLOWN here you can still call McDonald Ronald.
Johnny Dark : We prolley will go find a Burger or Steak place now you missed the Golden Rodded boy of this Century and the Millineum how dare you refuse us service GOOD NIGHT you Chicken eater place. Ed.note.ed
the semblance of a cell phone hanging up was not lost on all of us were looking in the dumpster for the bones of Scientology is gone. One more item for the Record you were NEVER talking to Travolta.
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