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PostSubject: Agony MOuse Padd   Agony MOuse Padd Icon_minitimeThu Sep 15, 2011 2:23 pm

Thursday, September 15, 2011
Agony MOuse Padd
Agony MOuse Padd

Agony MOuse Padd
Agony MOuse Padd
The agony was several days eye refused to get to the counter to ask for a mouse padd the agony was caused by not knoeing what they will do for eye. Eye finally decided to try. This prose poem is brought by the tear in my eye to ewe. They did not refuse to help me they would not tell me no but they refused to give me one for my very own bout it is nice to use it for the time eye am alone with thoughts in public they let me take one not all the away home but to my laptop zone and eye can use it all day long as long as eye return it when eyem done sometime same day kind of thing it feels so nice to eye to use something loaned and the lieberrien is so nice to eye think eye am in love again she is the ethnic Chinese almost touched me with her hand such a nice feeling in a man and eye will return this mouse padd in agony because it is a gift and eye will not steal this gift but use it wildly in my dreams as thrift and pay the agony with love
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Agony MOuse Padd
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