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 on the sidewalk

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PostSubject: on the sidewalk   on the sidewalk Icon_minitimeSun Jul 31, 2011 7:35 pm

on the sidewalk
on the sidewalk
blistered feet black move slowly facetiously with calibration hot tongue read between the lines eye like ivy to touch in your pink mouth eye dream of self sex on the sidewalk there is soft things to be touched white this is madness and yet eye must play with a soft silky length of brown skin so soft it hurts to let it go cream the women in my life just do not yet knoe what it would mean to feel me shooting kiss me there its madness and desire some hair some gristle in the mill iff ewe only will remove my old boots but first replace them with new ones eye need new feet on the sidewalk all the faith in the world is only poverty without works of richness without works of madness eye live on love on the sidewalk it is hard to feel my pride in public sex is yours in private when you touch your brown skin is it like mine it makes me come to some understanding what it would take to love ewe in the long
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on the sidewalk
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