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Megalomaniac to thine own self be true ego id left frontal Brain lobe off ear ring no ring oh the worry of the times the wind blowing ill winds of misinforming the news coming to us from foreign sources the good guys gone. None. Every pirate is perchance the next President with coiffured hair line going balding only real estated will be let into the Big White House next November. But recently he is birthing. IN the new news there is only chaos. There is this undefined spice in my soup it is hot like pepper but looks like bay leaf could it be mustered or leek but time responds. Some of it is cabbage some of it is not. The entire limits of the city ends. IN the learning process of the free world you see continuing education comes with the price it is very expensive to go to school they need more then eye afford them. Tonight eye struggle within myself the drunk sent me reeling with fumes to look for hot spot within this lieberry the same rules which allow me the public user now protect him the first come first serve he sits too close to where eye like to be but nothing to be done eye did it eye moved. Eye finally found the corner opposite which is now open some one left which putts me here until sometime after 11 before midnight must be gone. Out Out brief poet one more poem won. The old one sits with book he does not see he stinks of drink he lives too close to me he lives too close like eye. Coffee is good tonight. Do you wonder iff eye feel sorry for the drunk. No eye do not. He is one step closer to his grave. More to lose then no one else he does not feel the love the sober person does. There is some point to this there is every reason to be sober there is every reason not to drink to be drunk. Bless the people Reading this tonight. Eye raise my coffee cup to get the last of it inside the eye contemplate my self.
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