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PostSubject: FacebookApps27NPMpoems    Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:00 am



Sometimes the Apps wont open or they get too slow they freeze they do not wish to see you there they howl they tell you to go get the right player even you must knoe you do got the right player installed they just killing time not telling you the real reason is your bad awfully stinky breath. They seem to notice when your sleepy they scroll to the stop. They send the wrong items not the one you picked to go to friends. They need money so they send you to the shop. They send you notices then try to open up the game you quickly realize there is no gift needed there by anyone its only the game itself its trying to get you to play. The feckless facebook robot laughs when you get bent. They turn around inside the screen then hide from you they even high five like hey we got you. Think of your computor screen like the night sky the Robots the pinpoints of light the stars up behind. You send things to your friends but they do not arrive or they get something else from you but never the thing you sent to them the robots run to hide. The robot Brain in the laptop case is only one he is the faceless facebook robot but he lives in cyberspace to gremline things to make the applications glitch so bad you hate to get online to play with me so sorry when you lose the game of send me this or send me that is done by robots hiding from the light they move in the night behind the facebook page. Now for the ending it is the like button like do you like me the person or do you just like to like the like button like people do they do you knoe they do this is the Facebook Robot signing off now ho ho he he its me.
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