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PostSubject: 26NPMpoems    Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:04 am



eye still love the ewe
yew bet eye dew
rose Read my prose but she refused to wed my nose in this nook is telling you this book me arrest me for the love is deep the violet sleeps within me is the love for you the love you've given me to keep me from the feelings of depression the hurt the pain of living everyday for this eye thank you the purple flowers of my innocence line my thinking space is limited by accidents of time the past still haunts me some but love arrives when you feel me there in your life threw the anger or the hurt or the worry which eye give you must love me very much to still be trying to survive our many problems overcome we will survive we will still love for roses were still red the last time eye seen you the violet is not blue she is still nice she is still Happy giving life to this poor soul in love with you so this is it eye got to tell you goodnight now so here is the bottom line eye love you more then my life eye did not wish for your sadness but to give u happiness is beyond me eye lose sight of how to do it eye can only give you love
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