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PostSubject: Monday25PpNPMIambicPentameter   Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:03 am



I = I see in the past the old middle ages of the grass there were bards who shook speares of asparagus to the crowded stage they played the words like poetry but then poets came to Earth a world gone dry of words they tried to fill it upp but see I see they must have missed some new poetry word is Iambic Pentameter rhymes with meter no doubt
a = a peter is out although he did many grete things he did no poetry he just seemed to leader.
m = men who Mark trails leave footsteps visible or invisible imprinted now in the Dell or the IBM the farmers or the feeders
b = Buttressed of fortresses fell with words like Jericho
i = in the twinkling twilight lies your beauty falling in the Dell or IBM ink well poet show me your poetry
c = charlax rhymes
P = prose portrays poetry past preferences pose poetical problems perchance to preform or perform the predilection of prosperity
e = everyone is needed there is no one left out
n = nickel zinc copper bronze statutes of laws missing the forgiveness
t = turncoat traitors cursing the words is not good poetry from the potty mouth seen in the whiskey salons with hairy dew on those tatties two of them
a = a denude show you my goody two shoes show me your pants falling down the crack on the sidewalk misusing your adverbs to deliver the goods to the south of the border on edge to the north of iambic pentameter
m = moving left along the busted flats the siphon comes to dance the reverberating notes sympathetically enhanced to spring to prance the poetry into rhyme with this with those with these wordings word words
e = everything is falling down falling down like petals of softness the girl seems willing but too far away with medals
t = torn nerves jagged to the edge of the minding mhy poem
e = ending this coming to the ending now see you did it you did it you made it to the bottom of my very important heap of word
r = remember this poem come back here many times to see the struggle the hurry the love this poet putts in every word of prose he makes the dragonfly to cry for nothing such will actually rhyme with iambic pentameter
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