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 Sunday24EasterAprilPoetryNPM The Blind Sparrow

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PostSubject: Sunday24EasterAprilPoetryNPM The Blind Sparrow    Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:31 pm

The Blind Sparrow
People kick beggars from the fire. They do not feed the oldest in the field they die. The sparrow is blind you see the blind sparrow then you think GOD does not Care for his creatures who live then they die. EYe see this differently. Eye see the Spirit of GOD hopping with the Blind Sparrow knudging his shoulder to get him over to his food. Closing one of HIS good eyes to get some idea of what HIS bird is going through. Suffering with the bird weeping silently beside the bird fumbling when it fumbles. Poor Blinded sparrow blind on one side jumping to the right to see the food here here here let me knudge you to the left so you will see it get it get it get the thing on the leaf it is there for you to eat oh good so now you see it now you get to eat. Why do you the people of the lost the gone why do you see this so differently then eye. YOU see the Uncaring for his Creatures GOD living in the SKY not seeing the blind sparrow hopping with one eye. You should see the blind sparrow too. Eye see the Blind sparrow jumping suddenly to the left then getting food.
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Sunday24EasterAprilPoetryNPM The Blind Sparrow
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