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 NINEteenNPMPoems The Mission

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PostSubject: NINEteenNPMPoems The Mission   Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:16 pm

The Mission
When you get in line too Early it feels like your legs is falling off your body its worse then the line to get in the theatre to see the movie. The desk person who is usually Male but sometimes female comes outside to scrutinize you. WHY do you come here to this mission. ??? well eyem poor eyem homeless. You need to get your JOB. They tell it rought like you should be working not enought. Then they might tell you to work here for them but you could refuse the JOB. Eye told them OH SIR eye just hiked in here some 32 miles down the rode to get the bed im here to eat some food but then to sleep. Do you get my drift for eyem drifting south once more the winter is trying to kill me. We need someone to Paint then they never believe me eyem allergic to the latex in the house paint. Eye get deathly ill when painting. Why should eye suffer for your work ethic ethos. The supper is not much then off to bed but first the showers. Iff you do not have problems when you go inside to shower in these missions you will get them there to bring them with you to the roadside when you leave them sometime after breakfast which is not much. They told me they do this to keep bums like me from living there too long. They limit the time you will be there only for three days out of ninety five. Eye told one drunk not to smoke in bed once my sheets got shorter eyem still lucky to be alive now. Criminals live in these places like Army Barracks they kill survivors when they show up. There is some good people on this world but they do not help others to survive they kill. The whitest of your kind is ebony the ivory blinded them they thought of money every time. If you fill the information out if there is the social security number on the card it only means they getting money from the Government for providing you the overnight they usually get $7 or 9$ depending on who's telling the story. So be in no hurry to be homeless OR Crime never pays for very long. Eye do not go to mission houses or wish to see them now. Gone but not forgotten like my life. The Mission.
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NINEteenNPMPoems The Mission
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