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PostSubject: 18npmpoemMonday   18npmpoemMonday Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 11:46 pm

some people who drink
they smoke
then them prolley eat solid food
they beg for money in the city properly
they prolley steal some things
they get the free bes most of them denied to me
they stold something from me
my citizen rights like Cain like Kane
befuddled eye scream Rosebud gone
eye also be Winston Smythe
looking for one kiss
1984 then 666 is come
to ruin me in flight
to plunge me into fright
no love for homeless people left inside
of no one home
bereft they sail on confused wings
the speeches they give inside the auditoriums
about human rights for the citizen
too bad they work them for drunks for illegal users
but not for one old homeless
eye bow my hoary Head then cry
AnimalFarm is here now
eye must non speak eye non person now
eye intend to be here this summer
just to teach them this lesson
some of us will live in spite
of rules intended to prevent it
some people do not wish to drink or smoke
but live
to Carry on my cross
for HIM
to see my Jesus
eye wish to ask him why
eye become this new non person
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